AWS Well Architected Tool

  • Helps to review the stage of our workloads and compares them to the AWS best practices.
  • Provides consistent approach to evaluate architectures.
  • Tool provides step-by-step guidance on how to build better workloads for the cloud.
  • Helps to review multiple workloads lifecycle consistently. Workload is defined as a collection of resources and code that make up a cloud application.
  • Saves point-in-time milestones and track changes to the workload.
  • It is a three stage process
    1. Identify workload to document and provide answer to standard question.
    2. Review answers against the five pillars of well architected framework.
    3. Get videos and documentation or generate a report that summarizes your workload review or see results of reviews in a single dashboard.

AWS License Manager

  • AWS License Manager makes it easy to manage licenses in AWS and on-premises server from vendors like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM.
  • License Manager creates a custom licensing rule in AWS Service Catalog. These rules emulate the terms of license agreements.
  • These rules can be used to limit licensing violations. The rules in AWS license Manager enables us to limit breach by stopping instances from launching and sending notification about the infringement.
  • Administrators gain control and visibility of all their licenses with the AWS License Manager dashboard and reduce the risk of non-compliance, misreporting, and additional costs due to licensing overages.
  • Supports integration with AWS Systems Manager and AWS Organization. This enables manage license across all AWS accounts in organization and on-premises environment.
  • Increase transparency by providing single centralized view that allows tracking all license across.
  • Gain control over license usage and also reduces costs as it is easier to manage and enforce licenses.